M.T. Wrote:

After Hijama session, I noticed in the car ride back I wasn’t as on edge, I was talking and there was not a feeling of rushing while doing it. Which is something I really want to get back to again. Also I had a brief clarity in though while speaking on a subject to friends, which really helped lift my spirits. The sleep was great as well, my breath was very easy I noticed. I did not replenish my energy, however the ease in breath made the sleep pleasing. And you all are doing great work.

S.G. Wrote:

I have a long list of stress-induced problems ranging from stomach ulcers to menstrual irregularities. I tried home remedies and ordered homeopathic supplements online, nothing seems to work. Alhamdulilah, I learned about the beneficial healing properties of hijama and the sunnah behind it. The aches in my side have subsided, and have noticed considerable positive changes in my mood and immune system! Sister Mariam is extremely professional, certified and knowledgeable in the science and practice of Hijama. I will most definitely be going back regularly inshAllah.

M.M. Wrote:

I used to suffer from migraines once or twice a week and severe allergies. I used to take migraine medicine like candy and Benadryl for allergies. Homeopathy was one of the natural treatments that helped temporarily. Thankfully, God guided me to Hijama that solved the migraine and allergy problems completely.



Hijama administered by us is strictly religious and spiritual practice , and it is not intended as a medical treatment.