Ten Natural Ways to deal with Allergy & Asthma

  • Hijama is a powerful tool to clean the blood and boost the immune system to overcome allergy and asthma.

  • BioAllers

  • Rub essential oils like; lavender, eucalyptus, myrrh, or roman chamomile on the chest.

  • Clean and refresh the house especially the bedroom. Stay away from any allergy triggers

  • Deep breathing or abdominal breathing 10 times to provide your cells with sufficient Oxygen.
  • Brisk walk or moderate exercise.

  • Eat and cook healthy at home.

  • Eat fibers, grains, cooked vegetables, whole fruit especially apple, dry fruit, bowl of oat meal, Swiss chocolate, garlic, mustard green, black strap molasses, black beans, walnuts, almond, sunflower seeds, seaweed, algae & sprout.
  • Eat less wheat, spices and drink less milk and fruit juice.
  • Eat 45% grains, 35% vegetable, 10% fruit, 5% beans, 5% all other food like meat, milk, etc.…..
  • Drink tea of anise, ginger, basil, sweet marjoram or mix of lobelia, flaxseeds, fenugreek, licorice root, parsley, burdock, ephedra, goldenseal & chaparral.

Try the followingrecipe;

cup of yogurt, cup of rice milk, ½ tbsp. of barley green or any green powder, mix of desirable fruit, 1/8 cup of orange juice or carrot juice, oat germ or bran instead of wheat germ or bran, and raw honey instead of bee pollen.

Quick fix: one tea spoon chelated vitamin C powder in juice or mixed with green powder, barley green kelp or Algae.

  • Supplements; vitamin C 3000 mg, vitamin E 600IU, Vitamin A, B complex and zinc.

  • Try simple elimination diet as follow;
    • Eliminate one group at the time.
    • Try with the one that you think you are allergic to.
    • Try them in order.
    • you may be allergic to one or two items in each group, or more than one group or you may be allergic to another food that is not in the following list;

Food groups:

  • Milk, dairy products and meat
  • Wheat & cereal except rice.
  • Tea, coffee, cocoa and chocolate.
  • Citrus & fruit.
  • Artificial coloring.
  • Yeast & bread.
  • Reduces stress that effect on adrenal, thymus and pituitary gland. Stress will worsen the symptom of Asthma or Allergy.